The first step towards the transports business was done by Gino that in 1940 bought his first vehicle, thus starting a journey that involved also latter generations in complex dynamics that are at the foundation of a profession that is divided between the knowledge of materials and time organizing.

The natural passing to the next generation sees brothers Bruno and Franco completely committing to the hauling business, focusing mainly on loose materials. The newly born company, Liviero S.N.C, found itself needing to satisfy a much bigger demand than the two vehicles owned at the time were able to handle, so the two brother decided to increase the fleet by adding two more vehicles.

The always burning desire to grow in the sector and also the success that was achieved until that point led to an ever growing demand, so the brothers find themselves in the position in which they have to part ways so that each other can continue growing. This is a crucial point in our history because it is then that Bruno, together with his wife Rosa, founded Liviero & Beghetto, that managed to enter the inert waste sector with ease, a business area that was already explored by other giants nearby but was still open to newcomers. This marks another crucial point because it is now that the already proven area of hauling is united to trading, focusing still on loose materials.

This important turning point led to a massive increase of work load, necessitating an increase in the fleet once again. In the early 90’s the company had grown large enough to be able to satisfy every type of request and deadline. Bruno who was handling logistics and Rosa who was on the administrative side soon found themselves in need of a young and modern person that could manage commercial relations, and it was so that Emanuel came to be a part of the team. The well trained trio formed numerous business relationships in the Triveneto area, thus becoming a safe and reliable partner for many companies.

The profound knowledge of the world of transports united with professional skills in the trading of specific materials led to a quick growth of the customer base. At that point it was found necessary to give birth to two separate companies so in 2007 LB Trading and LB Moving were founded; two young companies that have a lot of history and that have the same qualities that were always at the foundation of all relationships with clients and suppliers: the guarantee of a unique and safe service, the right ratio between quality and price and professionalism in the services that are tailored to every customers need.

All these quality give us an added value that enables us to run our business whilst always being at the cutting edge of our area of work.