LB Moving S.R.L is a company that handles transport for third companies of waste and inert waste and also oversees harbor logistic.

The core business of LB Moving group is transporting inert waste, dangerous and not, in the whole Italian peninsula.

Our fleet is made up of thirty vehicles that are apt of transporting loose material and big bags in tippers,dry-freight trailers and working-floor trailers.

Our repair shop handles all the maintenance  of our fleet and it carefully schedules all interventions thus increasing efficiency and therefore protecting the environment and guaranteeing maximum safety on the street.

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Our 50 year experience in this sector teaches us the importance of training our drivers on the yield of our vehicles therefor minimizing our environmental impact and increasing safety for everyone on the street. LB Moving also uses a telemetry system, which is installed on every vehicle, that continuously monitors the loads that are given to us. Because of this every transport we handle is protected and controlled from start to finish, guaranteeing total traceability of materials and waste.